China Controlled Chemicals Association (CCCA)

China Controlled Chemicals Association (CCCA) was approved by the Ministry of Chemical Industry of the People's Republic of China and registered with the Ministry of Civil Affairs in April 1996. It is a national non-profit social organization with an independent legal entity. CCCA is committed to actively implementing China's laws and regulations on controlled chemicals and assisting the government and its member units in fulfilling relevant affairs of Chemical Weapons Convention; delivering a good job in industry coordination and standardization, safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of members, and serves as a bridge between the government and enterprises to promote green and sustainable development of chemical industry in China and across the world.

The association carries out activities in accordance with the articles of association in a standardized way, fully respects the will of its members and actively serves enterprises alike. Scope of Main Businesses:

(I) Diffusing the knowledge of terms and conditions of Chemical Weapons Convention of OPCW, implementing national guidelines and policies for Convention and relevant management regulations, assisting the government in fulfilling relevant obligations and helping enterprises abide by the obligations;

(II) Complying with the transformational direction of the international organization for prohibition of chemical weapons, drawing lessons from the concept of international chemical safety and security, and promoting planning and practice of green chemical industry;

(III) Hosting international and domestic industrial and various professional exchange meetings. Organizing and coordinating with relevant Chinese departments to summarize, exchange and promote advanced experience and achievements of member units in production technology, operation and management to promote corporate technological progress and management modernization;

(IV) Promoting and applying new technologies (including management technology), new products, new processes, new materials and new equipment at home and abroad, and organizing overseas investigations;

(V) Promoting total quality management and assisting relevant Chinese departments in formulating, revising and reviewing industrial quality standards;

(VI) Strengthening industrial self-discipline, standardizing industrial behavior, and maintaining a level playing field;

(VII) Contacting relevant international organizations and institutions to promote economic and technological exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad;

(VIII) Organizing technical, management, regulations and vocational training;

(IX) Escalating and safeguarding legitimate requirements and interests of the members;

 CCCA adheres to the principle of serving the government, the industry and tenterprises, and to promote sustainable, healthy and harmonious development of the industry.


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